Collective Skills
With my diversified work and education experiences I have become a very versatile professional who can seamlessly adapt to any role. 
My Skills
My unique skills in marketing and finance, years of creating original content and working experience that is unrivaled in relation to my peers have all allowed me to to be a well rounded business professional. I have confidence in being able to step into a leadership role, project management role or along any point in a product lifecyle. I have been fortunate enought to have experience across many different industries and fields in my short time before and during college. I have just began to scratch the surface of what I am capabile of accomplishing. I am eager to learn and develope my skills as well as learn new ones and I would be excited for the opportunity to join your team. 



Research, Modeling, Budgeting


Analytics, Branding, Promotion


Leadership, Motivation, Teamwork


Webpage Development, Original Content and Design